Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions :

By using Romman platform on any of its products or websites, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • We use cookies and the general information to enhance your browsing experience
  • It is user's responsibility to verify and check the content and the information available on Romman platform as it is provided from multiple users. We can't be held responsible for any.
  • Romman Platform contains logos, Visual Identity, Designs, content, ect. that is owned by the platform. No party or person can use these content or copy them without written authorization from Romman.
  • All Licensed and copyrighted content on Romman platform (including brands, product descriptions, etc.) is owned by its original authors, and it is subject to their terms and conditions
  • If there is any concern regarding any copyrighted material or IP claim, please contact us at: legal@romman.io


T&C for shoppers on Romman Platform:

When you shop on Romman platform, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • All listings and offers are provided by sellers, thus, Romman hold no responsibility regarding the accuracy of the product details nor its quality or service quality.
  • We might share some of your submitted information to sellers and third parties to assist in providing you with smooth and easy experience (such as address, name, mobile number, etc).
  • Online payments are provided by an authorized service provider. Romman doesn't store any of your payment card information.
  • If you face any technical difficulties or you believe there is a problem in the content, please contact us on: support@romman.com
  • We work hard on reviewing external links provided in our platform, however, we can't assure its safety nor accuracy. Thus, we can't be held liable for any external link provided on Romman platform.
  • Stores have additional Terms and Conditions that must be reviewed by the user. By continue using the platform, you agree to these additional Terms and Conditions.


Creating account policy

To be able to place an order, you will have to create an account or sign-in to your existing account.

Your submitted data will be shared to the seller and third party service providers to provide you with the best shopping experience.

Local mobile number is required to be able to shop on Romman platform


Ordering policy

After placing your order, you will receive an "order reception" email. It means that we received the order, and the seller will soon prepare your order and update you. Order reception doesn't mean that the order is confirmed, stock is available nor guarantees the delivery in the specified date.

Delivery policy:

Sellers can use either Romman's provided delivery services or their own/external delivery couriers.

To be able to perform the delivery, we share your submitted information to the delivery party.

When the courier attempt the delivery, please inspect and check all the items before siging the acceptance of the delivery.

Delivery might be restricted or unavailable in outside city limits and rural areas. Please contact the seller for further information about the delivery to your area.

Modifying delivery address might not be available, especially after shipping your order. If you believe there is a mistake in your delivery address, please contact the seller at earliest.


Order Cancellation policy:

Our sellers usually prepare and send items very quickly. If you want to cancel your order, please inform the seller at earliest opportunity.

Order amendment and cancellation policy of the seller applies. Please review it.


Order Amendment policy:

For order amendment, please cancel the old order, then place a new one. It is always a good practice to contact the seller with complete details about your case at earliest.

Order amendment and cancellation policy of the seller applies. Please review it.


Return policy:

Return could be possible within the allowed timeframe by the seller.

Once the seller receives the return, it will be inspected and you will be contact shortly after. Restocking fees could apply on open-box if the return was not due to manufacturer or seller fault.

The seller has the right to refuse a return if it was returned in a condition different than at which it was sent.

Some products might not be returnable. Please check sellers policy or contact the seller directly for more details

Sellers might have custom terms and conditions regarding the order return. Please read the sellers policy for further details


Warranty policy:

If the product has a warranty, it should be mentioned clearly in product description along with the duration of the warranty

Terms and conditions of the warranty varies from a seller to another,

For more details, please check the policy of the seller and the product description


Sellers policy:

By creating a seller account or selling on Romman platform, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

You are solely responsible for all transactions and information made through your account on the eRomman platform

You are solely responsible for providing your Terms and Conditions to your customers and complying to it.

Maintaining the privacy of customer information and not disclosing it to the public or to third parties

Romman hold no responsibility regarding direct or indirect losses that arises from using Romman platform nor any financial claim or responsibility or compensations of any kind.


Policy of online payment:

By using the online payment services, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Romman (at its best effort) contracts trust worth third party to provide online payment solution to the platform. The service provided can be changed by Romman at any point of time without prior notice.
  • It is sellers responsibility to verify, track and monitor all financial information and data for each and every transaction and order before shipping the item.
  • Commissions are deducted from sellers balance. In case a refund is issued to buyer, the commission will not be refunded back to seller.

You must abide to the laws and regulations of the country of operation as well as the country of UAE

Romman nominates and assist in finding and linking you with suitable couriers, however, it is the seller responsibility to track and monitor all the deliveries. In case an issue was raised, Romman hold no responsibility and the case must be resolved between the seller and the courier party directly.

At all times, the seller is liable and responsible party for assuring stock availability and safely and correctly deliver the items to the buyer.


Terms and conditions for uploading images to Romman platform:

By uploading images to Romman platform, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • The image must be approved for the commercial reuse and should not violate any copyright regulations. You and only you will be responsible for any copyright claims arises from the content you uploaded to the romman platform.
  • Images must be appropriate and must not violate any of UAE's laws or the societal norms.
  • The image is correctly representing the actual item that is going to be delivered to the buyer.
  • Images must not include miss-leading content or violates any portion of this policy
  • Image must be clear and in good quality, details and aspect ratio


Prohibited products

It is prohibited to sell or list any of the following products/categories as well as any and all prohibited products as per the law of United Arab Emirates and societal norms:

  • Uncertified and un-approved drugs and medicines or products that violates the policies of ADAFSA and similar authorities.
  • Dangerous and/or uncertified supplements and diet products.
  • Drugs and all it derivatives, tools and prescription required products.
  • Tobacco products and all its accessories and tools including but not limiting to cigarettes, Shisha, electronic cigars, etc.
  • Alcohol and its accessories and tools
  • Fire guns and dangerous games and tools
  • Animals and living creatures
  • Adult restricted products that are prohibeted as per the UAE laws and societal norms
  • Coins and currencies in all its kinds
  • Products and services that violates the copyright or the IP of others, and ease it for the cutsomer.


Terms and conditions of using external links:

By adding/using external links on Romman platform, you agree on the following:

  • You and only you are responsible for the content, safety and accuracy of the external links you add to Romman platform
  • The link must not promote for a competitor website/product of the Romman platform
  • The external link must not promote continuing the sale outside of Romman platform.

By using Romman platform, you grant the Romman platform, its authorized personnel and contracted third parties to access and use the content you provided in any suitable way (including but not limiting to using it for marketing and and assurance and control).

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